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The Bukket Pipe 

The Bukkets have finally landed - the first wave have been successfully launched at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2001 by inventor Roy Cohen-Gilad and co-founder Oded Dim, introducing their genius-smoking tool - a totally dry, easy to use, Bukket bong, based on the simple principles of bucket bong smoking:
A. No lung strain - the bucket burns the cone by itself, by forming a vacuum pull.
B. Shotgun effect - quickly shooting large volume of smoke into the lungs.

The BUKKET invasion has already taken-over many parts of the world, with distribution setup in the UK, U.S.A. Europe, Japan and Israeli markets, with many more countries to come.

How did the BUKKET come about?
While smoking bucket bongs Roy noticed that bucket bongs were complicated to assemble and use, stationary and had the tendency to make a watery mess of the room. The solution came to him in the form of his revolutionary patented Bukket, which is sized like an orange, highly portable and easy to use, dry bucket bong instrument that shoots rich, clean, smooth smoke straight to the smokers lungs. After well thought research & development stage, the Bukket is now hitting the world market, as an exciting, fun new way to smoke.

The Bukket comes in a variety of colorful carrier bags, making it the perfect traveling companion for any smoker.

Here's how to use one

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